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What ultra-marathons have to do with life

Runners participating in ultra-marathon races have a reputation for being a bit eccentric, weird, and generally overboard. That reputation is partially derived from the colorful personalities and tattoos that adorn most of these runners. Anecdotes about finishing races in spite … Continue reading

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The Bib Heard Round The World

Kara Bonneau of Duham, N.C. thought nothing of excitedly posting a picture of her official Boston Marathon bib to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter because she “sees bib photos on social media all the time.” So when she logged on to MarathonFoto a few … Continue reading

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Runners express outage, support for local race director

Florida boasts great weather, some of North America’s best trails, and America’s best beaches. It’s beautiful climate and gorgeous scenery make Florida home to races year-round. Each year over 900 races ranging from 5K to 100M call Florida home, and … Continue reading

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Tales From the Playground

You’re probably familiar with the name Amanda Todd. She is the sixteen year old Canadian girl who committed suicide a month after posting a 9-minute video titled My Story: Struggling, bullying, suicide and self harm. In it she used a … Continue reading

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Exaggerated Barefoot Controversy Makes My Blood Boil

Thank you Running Barefoot for posting Cheyne Voss’ article from the London England Standard in which she lists reasons why barefooting is ‘great idea in theory… {but} a terrible one in practice.’ She makes it sound as if every barefoot runner … Continue reading

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Race Bandits Irk Me

No one complained when Dozer obviously bandited the 2011 Maryland Half Marathon by jumping in at its 5 mile mark.  He eventually made it to the finish-line and, unlike most race bandits, was met with smiles. And probably an extra bottle of water. The … Continue reading

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