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The Face of Commitment

Sometimes motivational posters give you the wrong idea about what it means to be committed. Continue reading

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Indoor Rowing Doesn’t Suck as Much as I Anticipated

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Wisdom of Being Broken: A Light-hearted Look at What I’ve Learned This Year

Just over a year has passed since I was sidelined from athletics due to a back injury.  Life has been a roller coaster since that fateful day; I’ve learned a lot from those ups and downs and think sharing my … Continue reading

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5 Reasons I Think I Can Run an Ultra Marathon (When I Can’t Even Reach the Mailbox)

It’s okay if you recognize my title; I promise this is parody not plagiarism. You see, the funny button in my head became unstuck when I saw that Vanessaruns – ultrarunner, nomad, blogger – had penned 7 Reasons You Think … Continue reading

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Exercise and Depression

Several people have recently asked me why my blogs suddenly became so infrequent;  truth is, I’ve been working on this particular post but encountered a sort of dilemma – there’s just no unmelancholic way to say “Dude, I’m depressed.” Even … Continue reading

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Of Barefoot and Back Injuries

I think I know how rock stars feel while they are out promoting their world tours. Not the millions of adoring fans or sold-out concerts mind you, just the part where absolutely everyone seems to ask the same questions. You … Continue reading

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