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Athletic Shorts: Jim ‘Animal’ Schroeder

In just a few weeks I get the honor of being part of the crew that will support Jim Schroeder, or Animal as he’s often referred, as he completes his first Badwater 135. Badwater is one of ultra-running’s most difficult … Continue reading

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Tales From the Playground

You’re probably familiar with the name Amanda Todd. She is the sixteen year old Canadian girl who committed suicide a month after posting a 9-minute video titled My Story: Struggling, bullying, suicide and self harm. In it she used a … Continue reading

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Wisdom of Being Broken: A Light-hearted Look at What I’ve Learned This Year

Just over a year has passed since I was sidelined from athletics due to a back injury.  Life has been a roller coaster since that fateful day; I’ve learned a lot from those ups and downs and think sharing my … Continue reading

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5 Reasons I Think I Can Run an Ultra Marathon (When I Can’t Even Reach the Mailbox)

It’s okay if you recognize my title; I promise this is parody not plagiarism. You see, the funny button in my head became unstuck when I saw that Vanessaruns – ultrarunner, nomad, blogger – had penned 7 Reasons You Think … Continue reading

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Exercise and Depression

Several people have recently asked me why my blogs suddenly became so infrequent;  truth is, I’ve been working on this particular post but encountered a sort of dilemma – there’s just no unmelancholic way to say “Dude, I’m depressed.” Even … Continue reading

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Welcome to Lynsey World

Nearly 2/3 of Americans are overweight, so says my local newspaper. I didn’t fact-check the statistic but I find it easily believable considering just this weekend my step-son asked me if I felt weird being the slimmest person amongst a … Continue reading

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Athletic Shorts: Jack Rudzinski, LMT

This spotlight features someone I think all of us can appreciate- a Licensed Massage Therapist. I met Jack Rudzinski a few years ago immediately after completing my first Pikermi, 13.1 mile race,  a particularly grueling trail race located a few hours … Continue reading

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