Book Review – Idle Feet Do the Devil’s Work

 Disclosure: I didn’t receive a free copy but I did snag a cool discount by pre-ordering the e-book.

Idle Feet Do the Devil’s Work is Ray Charbonneau’s fifth book, though the first that I’ve read. The title struck me on a deeply personal level since my own feet are currently very idle. You see, I’m on the Injured Reserves list and have found that all this new-found free time gets me in trouble. I thought Idle Feet would be a story about all the crazy hijinks he created when left to his own devices instead of training. It wasn’t. But that doesn’t mean I was disappointed.

What I learned is that for Idle Feet Do the Devil’s Work Ray compiled his favorite published short stories and articles from the last four years into one collection. What you’ll find is a mostly light-hearted look at runners, races, and advice. All that humor doesn’t mean Ray neglected serious topics such as the increasing cost of race fees, or the Boston Marathon bombing. Comical advice interspersed with heart-warming anecdotes makes Idle Feet an easy fulfilling read.

Visit his website to order your copy of one of the few running books that doesn’t try to sell you the secret to shaving 5 seconds off your next marathon, talk about barefoot running, or even have a blank training plan.


About Lynsey

When Lynsey became injured in 2011 she changed her focus from running long-distance to working behind the scenes as volunteer and crew chief. You can find me at various aid stations throughout Florida reminding the runners that "this is not a parking lot."
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