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I, am a really crappy gift giver

My pal Trisha over at Barefoot Monologues has a penchant for receiving really crappy surprise gifts.   She’s received wonderful items like a cardboard card, someone’s pocket lint, and some weird piece of paper that I think held a finger nail.  I may … Continue reading

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Me and My OCD: My World-view

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Caity of Run Barefoot Girl  about life and barefoot running. I realized early in our conversation that it’s nearly impossble to discuss my interest in running, especially the barefoot and minimalist variety, without acknowledging my battle with anxiety and OCD.  I … Continue reading

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Dedicated To All Those in the Military

I wrote this poem many years ago while thinking about my relatives that have served this country, specifically those who lived through the war and today are remembering their fallen partners.  I understand we have a separate holiday to recognize all veterans, … Continue reading

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Race Bandits Irk Me

No one complained when Dozer obviously bandited the 2011 Maryland Half Marathon by jumping in at its 5 mile mark.  He eventually made it to the finish-line and, unlike most race bandits, was met with smiles. And probably an extra bottle of water. The … Continue reading

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Hello World!

I decided not to change the default title; it feels appropriate.  Especially if you’re saying it like the Animaniacs say ‘Hello Nurse;’ which of course I am.  I’m also crazily waving at you,  in case you are curious. Anyhoo, I know what you’re thinking – … Continue reading

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